Acrylic worktops

Acrylic surfaces fulfill not only functional but also esthetic function. They make the interior more elegant, brilliant and stylish.

Acrylic worktops have an unlimited design opportunities and are qualitatively competitive with other worktops. That type of countertop serves well at home and also in public space, for example in bars, hotels, shops.

You want to have a beautiful worktop, but you don’t have to much money. This is a solution exactly for you. Acrylic countertops do not fall behind with other products available on market, but they are much more affordable. Our customers have a great selection from over 100 colours, including the most popular, traditional and also stylish, modern. Acrylic as a material have a lot of values in manufacturing process. It can be shaped in many different ways. These worktops have a high hygienic standard as they are moisture, pollutants and bacteria resistant. According to that, they are often used in kitchen and bathroom designs. But they can be also successfully used in places, which have to be sterile clean such as bar, restaurant or hospital. They are also very simple in cleaning and maintenance. Acrylic countertops are highly regarded for their durability and stability, as they are resist to heat and staining. Compared with other surfaces, one of the most important advantages of acrylic is that they can be easily repaired to the perfect condition. Even if on your worktop a little scratch will appear, you don’t have to worry. Another distinguishing feature of acrylic surfaces is possibility to create smooth exterior without noticeable seams. Thanks to this we can form one unified and uninterrupted line. Consequently, it is a lot easier to integrate the countertop with varied useful kitchen accessories. Worktops are available in different finishings like matt, gloss and satin.

Our acrylic material suppliers are one of those leading on market. We cooperate only with reputable and dependable contractors, so we can guarantee total product satisfaction.