Blue Pearl granite

Blue pearl granite

Blue Pearl granite is one of the colours which is very popular, and the demand for it on the British market is very high. It’s unique blue/grey shading and distinctive colouring in general is what makes this product special. Nothing like it is available on the market, it appears as if the natural compression crystallised various shades of light and dark blue, and over a period of million years composed something like Blue Pearl. It is a material native to Norway, the country of mountains, fjords and nature in general. Therefore it isn’t much of a surprise that a granite like this was formed there. The icy fresh waters, and cold shores reflect the ideal colours of Blue Pearl granite.

There aren’t many blue-coloured granite stones on the market, especially not something which resembles Blue Pearl. Many customers say that they choose the colour due to its exclusive look, it is as if looking into the clear dark sea which at the bottom has a layer of pearls and shades of light blue water. It’s a combination of colours which is perfect for a kitchen which is lacking this magical touch of natural blue shades.

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