Blue Pearl Granite

Blue pearl granite

Blue Pearl Granite – The Best Selling Granite Product in Our Granite Range!

Blue Pearl granite is one of the most commonly elected granite colours in the UK. It is composed of minerals that reflect all shades of blue, from deep sky blue, to saphire and steel blue – every blueish hue is contained within this intricate, and truly unique material. Many describe it as mesmerising and intense, yet very relaxing and soothing to the eye. But its best feature is the glossy refective effect it gives off, no matter which angle you gaze at the material from. A perfect element that could brighten up your kitchen and provide it a organic touch – not only because this granite is formed by natural causes, but also because it resembles the characteristics found on our earth. The deep movement of the sea, the cloudy patterns upon a dusky sky – you will be able to find these mirror images within your Blea Pearl Granite worktop.

What does our Manager think of Blue Pearl Granite?

“The demand for Blue Pearl Granite is immense, and this is no coincidence. It’s because it is so distinctive, so rich in colours and one-of-a-kind set of compressed and blended light and dark blue crystals. I’ve had Blue Pearl Granite in my kitchen for many years. It served me perfectly as a beautiful worktop, and each day I noticed something different within the formation – an effect that can be rarely experienced if one posesses quartz. Blue Pearl is a Norway’s native stone, quarried in deep in the mountains of Scandinavia. When you look into it you can practically see the cliffs of the fjords, the streaming tempest, the cloudy sky, icy deep sea and crystal clear rivers – within the wandering fish and their scales being reflected by sunlight. Blue Pearl is a naturalistic composition of its native surroundings, and nothing screams Norway more loudly than this product. I highly recommend it to those who seek unique blue patterns, naturalistic features and a hint of Scandinavia in their home.”
Matthew, F (Chief Manager of Polish Granite LTD)

Blue Pearl is truly original – no other material is comparable

Blue-coloured granite stone worktops are very scarce. Many customers who see Blue Pearl for the first time argue they have not seen such material before. It has an exclusive, mesmerising and captivating appearance – as though looking into the clear dark sea, and at the bottom noticing layers of pearls. Blue Pearl Granite offers a perfect combination of colours that matches any kitchen interior – from the modern to traditional settings and designs.

If you would like to order your Blue Pearl Granite today, get in touch with us, and we will ensure this material is wonderfully fitted in your kitchen – completenting the whole interior, and your style.

Find some inspiration on how Blue Pearl granite can be applied in your home:

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