Giallo Veneziano granite

Giallo Veneziano granite

A sandy colour with various shades and patterns, darker and lighter, white and dark veins, all resembling a beautiful layout of ranging crystallised insignias. It’s a composition which is very uncommon, and therefore Veneziano is a rarity amongst the granite selection. Some argue that it resembles a mix between Kashmir Gold and Kashmir White, however it is truly distinctive in its own way. The material usually contains dark natural vein system which results in fantastic designs of the natural stone, and it is guaranteed that every piece of this stone will be unique.

Dark lines running through the crystallised sandy-white plains. When looking at the piece from the top it resembles a true natural landscape of the deserted areas of the world, however not empty and monotonous, but beautiful and extraordinary, for example, resembling the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. Every piece is worthy of having, and this patterned sandy-look will suit any kitchen, from traditional to modern, and it will match various other projects, such as cladding or even flooring.

When polished, the material will present itself clean and beautifully fresh, however when matted, Giallo Veneziano has the potential to turn into a rough piece which truly gives off the reflection of nature. The matted surface will provide it an even more natural layer, a stone feeling. But not cold and dull, because the colour itself will provide a perception of warmth and arid climate, making the piece stand out even more. Imagine a miniaturised table top of a rich sandy landscape replacing your worktop.

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