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Caesarstone is a beautiful engineered quartz stone which comes with approximately 93% natural quartz. Quarz surfaces are perfect for practically any interior work surface area, from quartz kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding and professional interiors.

With 33 colours stocked in the UK and over 70 colours available, Caesarstone provides our buyers the largest possible range of designed quartz surfaces with the finest finish choices available in the quartz surface market these days.​

In partnership with Caesarstone’s designers, the research and improvement group is continually creating cutting-edge colours and styles that influence styles and inspire innovative, functional applications.

Caesarstone’s quartz worktops don’t need sealing and need only little maintenance to keep them appearing like new.

The quartz worktops or other hard surfaces makes cleaning simple and in most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are all that are required to maintain its lustre


Diresco, a company largely taking care of quartz products on the British market, and not only. Their range of colours and patterns is huge, therefore their cooperation with quartz businesses is great. There is always something that any customer can relate to, whether they are ‘Beach Range’ colours or ‘Divinity Range’ ones.

It is fantastic how organised Diresco are, and so far the customers that purchase their products have been highly satisfied, they certainly never disappoint neither us nor the customers.
Their slabs range from thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm or 30mm, and have three finishes to them – either Polished, easy clean or Anticato. It is only up to the customer to decide which finish or thickness to go along with.

Diresco are a company capable of providing only the best quality materials, this is why they are very reliable suppliers, with highly reliable materials. Every slab has a dimensional stability, a corrosion and abrasion resistance (important when considering years of service) but they are also waterproof which makes it harder for any liquids to damage it from inside. For example in natural Granite surfaces, even if they are sealed, water can still get inside of some tiny cracks, over time badly damaging the stone worktop/product. This is certainly not the case with Diresco’s quartz, and many opinions and ratings prove it.

In addition it is clear that Diresco has been very faithful to the customers and other manufacturers of granite/quartz worktops. They are very reliable and have been one of the best cooperative companies on the British market that we have been dealing with.

Their colours and patterns of the quartz’s are so unique that they appeal to thousands od customers around the British Isles and not only. But most importantly they are not restricted by the uses of the slabs, as they will use the quartz for literally any project.

This engineered stone consists of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique production method bonds both of these natural materials into an incredibly strong product which is similar to diamond.
Diresco Stone is much more scratch, water-resistant, stain proof, colourfast, frost, corrosion-resistant than the most durable natural stone and has excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

With the colour selection, comapny follows the globally trends. Most colours are continually in stock so Diresco can meet every request flexibly as well as with short lead times.

A strong group of distributors worldwide ensures an optimum tech support can also deal with large orders, taking into account its production capacity of 4,000 m² per working day.

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Technistone, reliable supplier, reliable quartz.

Technistone, one of our main suppliers of the quartz slabs. They are a company that has been supplying us quartz for a few years now. Up to now they have been very reliable and their quality products are fantastic, as approved by many of our past customers. The colours of their products are very interesting, most even reflecting the natural beauty of nature, which is ironic as the quartz worktops are man-made materials.

Technistone have been established in the Chech-Republic in 1997 and since then expanding their business, now providing quartz for many stone related companies not only around the Europe but also the world, this includes over 60 countries. What has been extremely successful about the company was the fact that they managed to distribute all of their products around the world in a very short time, thus now becoming more successful that most quartz companies on the market. Their guarantee reaches over 10 years, making their cooperation very reliable.This gives you, the customer the relief, that you are getting not only the best product, but also a guarantee that you will not have any trouble with your quartz, unless generall damage by yourself is done. Their biggest aspect is that they have have a huge range of products, that you can always check out on our website or their website. They offer their surfaces either honed (Anticato) or polished, also known as ‘easy clean’, matt, brushed and even antique. These are also finishes that you can check out either on our website or the Technistone website. In terms of the delivery system, every time we are prepared to order a quartz slab for a customer, Technistone is always ready and prepared to send us their fast delivery, therefore we can quickly progress with the manufacturing as soon as possible. We take all of our suppliers into consideration, and Technistone is one of the ones that will be our priority if you require a specific quartz that is distributed by Technistone. It is our priority to provide you only the prime quality material and the best service, all with the help of suppliers like Technistone. The great thing is that Technistone is bringing out new products very often, they constantly keep on updating their colour shades, gammas and patterns. This is making their variety of colours even bigger, bearing in mind customers that have all kinds of demands. They are an even bigger competition to other suppliers and manufacturers of quartz. Technistone colours range:

Take a look at Technistone sample gallery:

Cimstone is a company that operates in the U.K market and they only specialise in quartz materials that are used to manufacture high quality worktops, staircases, wall claddings, flooring etc. However what makes Cimstone really stand out is that they offer quartz that are very unusual and unique in every way. Which makes them differen from any other quartz manufacture on the U.K market.

There are so many benefits of using Cimestone, of course quartz in terms of it’s inner qualities will not differ much from other products on the market. Though the Cimestone materials are known to be very durable. They are a combination of over 90% a mix of quartz and only 7% polyester resin and other pigments. This makes them additionally strong and resistant. It is an equivalent of 7 mohs of toughness degree therefore it is possible to use the worktop even as a chopping board. It is almost entirely repellent of the scratches and ultimately allows the owner of such worktop to relax, not worrying about the damage of the worktop.

In terms of it’s up keeping and maintenance, every quartz in Cimestone’s offer is extremely repellent to the water. In fact the water absorption is so low, even the acids that would normally harm the quartz usually don’t leave any stains.

Moreover, due to its micro porous structure it has been appreciated and considered as a product of high sufficiency, making it an anti-bacterial product, therefore very hygienic. According to NSF, it has been approved and rated as premium quality for contacts with food.

Aesthetic wise, it is important to consider that Cimestone is fantastic with the colour ranges, they can vary from the darkest to the lightest and possess magnificent features. Above all they are still a part of nature, and the company has proved to respect that. For example Cimestone is known to be an eco- friendly product. Even during the production the water that is used to cut out the slabs is later reused for further projects. In addition the glass mirror reflections that many of the quartz’s possess are fully recycled.
In fact it could be argued that the resistance and the ultimate durability of the quartz’s is eco-friendly. The fact that they are products that last a lifetime means that they do not have to be replaced, as wooden worktops would do for example, which creates a clear pattern of more used resources.
Cimestone products prevent that, the company is fully aware that the eco-friendly approach is preferable and highly more beneficial, not only to us but also the environment.

In the end Cimestone fulfils the dreams of any ordinary customer that wishes for a best product for the worktop. Their work has satisfied thousands of customers from many countries around the world, and they are definitely in the top 10 of world’s best quartz suppliers. Many businesses that then sell their products can also share that satisfaction, and thanks to Cimestone, get positive comments and feedback from other customers that bought such products.


Silestone is currently a leading producer of quartz worktops and other quartz related products. The materials that are used by them ar only the premium quality quartz’s made out of 94% natural quartz, first to use Becteriostatic protection. It is a formula that simply prevents from bacteria and germs from spreading on the worktop. This makes it a wonderful feature of the kitchen, a spotlight in fact. Thanks to this you will no longer need to worry about, for example, placing food on the worktop, or perhaps even eating it afterwords. This combines perfectly with silestone’s fantastic durability of quartz’s. As every quartz material they are highly resistant to scratching, therefore there is no need for a chopping board!

Jokes aside, in full honesty SIlestone has hundreds of varieties of stone, and it is guaranteed that every customer will find something that perfectly suits the needs. There are colours, textures and patterns, all aimed at people who seek something new, something original and outstanding.
Speaking of the resistance and the Bacteriostatic Protection of the quartz, such attributes perfectly suite not only the kitchen area but also the bathroom. It is a popular place to have quartz, mainly because of the benefits that go along with it. The high impact and scratching resistance for example protects the stone from being damaged, and the Bacterostatic protection is a firm example of a hygienic feature of the bathroom.

Not only that, the stones are also resistant to acids and staining. Okay, maybe it is a feature of most quartz’s, but with Silestone, the reliability of the protection is great. Almost all customers can approve it and agree that the resistance is there. Take acids such as citric acid, or liquids such as wine. They would certainly all stain normal worktops, but definitely not the Silestone quartzs.

Take a look at Silestone sample gallery:

Compac – a company mainly taking care of the sales of manmade quartz and natural marble products. It operates on the UK market, amongst many others around the world. They specialise in delivering colours that not only can appeal to every member of the public, but they all suit either kitchens or bathrooms perfectly. Of course Compac also aims to produce material for other projects e.g. floors, wall plaques, staircases, fireplaces etc.It is important that people should have an ultimate choice on which colours to choose for a given project. Compac manages to provide hundreds of quartz colours that would suite any interior, or perhaps an exterior. The colours range from darker colours such as ‘Azabache’ to lighter ones such as ‘Absolute Blanc’, some are more popular and some less.

Their TREND colours also are aimed at people who like to discover. It is a composition of colours reaching from dark and light shades and tones. A brand new way to enlighten people with new decorations and ranging colours.

The quartz is made from pigments, resins and a mixture of stones and other quartz, amongst other features. They are resistant, tough to scratch and certainly possess as many attributes as natural stone.
In addition to that, the maintenance of such material is very simple. Most of the time a quartz only requires a simple wipe with a damp cloth. In case of harsh stains, a small amount of washing up liquid or vinegar may be used.

Marble by Compac also has certain attributes. For example it is lighter than majority of the natural or man-made stones. It is certainly easy to cut and can be turned into a beautiful worktop in a short period of time. Of course it is resistant to warm/very hot materials, it is easy to maintain and there is only a limited amount of water absorption.

In recent years it has been rather hard to fund products which offer us a great quality for a lifetime. The team behind producing the Compac products is fully aware of that. Therefore to make the products even more special they have agreed to produce a warranty that would guarantee every customer the fantastic quality of the products. The warranty proves that the product will be replaced on your premises if it does not match the standards you expected. It also guarantees you a full satisfaction and benefits of the products.
Overall Compac is trying it’s best to stand out as a company, and they fully deserve that status. They are determined in their work and produce only the most reliable products that everyone can enjoy, for a lifetime.

Take a look at Compac sample gallery:

Samsung Radianz quartz surfaces, like other suppliers, have many ranges of colours and patterns of quartzes in stock. However they are indeed all unique, and all very beautiful. There are currently three collections which all vary from each other.

First there is the Noble collection, exclusive colours which possess something that other colours don’t necessarily have. It is the magic sparkle that puts them in a different category, a man made sparkling effect that adds this little bit more of originality into it. If you fancy for example colours that have something that no other colours have, then this collection is made for you.
Next there is the coastal collection, combined of a lot lighter colours that have no shade to them, in fact they are different as they somewhat resemble an image of the sea hitting the coastal borders, it is certainly a unique look and far more natural than other products. In fact look and decide for yourself!

Lastly there are the standard Radianz colours which simply vary from shades such as dark and light, to colours such as red and orange, amongst others. They can sometimes be fully clear or include inside patterns that differ from each other, even a little bit of sparkles are included, but not as many as in the Noble collection.

Overall the Samsung Radianz products include not only beautiful colours, but also a high resistance to impacts, consistent colours, heat resistance and they are very versatile. Not to mention they are hygienic and very easy to clean and take care of, unlike other surfaces that require regular cleaning. Unlike them, all these products require is a wipe with a moist cloth!

Last but not least Radianz Quartz has a 15 year old warranty for residential projects and 10 year one for commercial projects. Which is still a warranty that will leave you feeling safe and secure. You will be glad to possess a material that is covered if it will not reflect your expectations.

Take a look at Samsung Radianz sample gallery:

Unistone produces quartz’s that are considered to be one of the most favourable of all. They have hundreds of man-made colours that often resemble the natural stone such as granite. For example ‘Nero Galactica’ is very similar to ‘Star Glaxy’ But the resemblance to the natural qualities isn’t even that relevant. What matters the most is the fantastic quality that comes with Unistone products. They are extremely durable and resistant to all kinds of scratches and impacts.
The stone itself is offered at standard sizes which are either 12mm, 20mm or 30mm. Which provides a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right product, seen as most slabs only follow the last two standard sizes. Bear in mind that having this freedom is fantastic, especially when choosing colours. This is why Unistone offers multiple choices that will definitely suite your needs, and appeal to you in any way.

In terms of the reliability, it is fully guaranteed that Unistone will always provide materials that are only prime quality products. They are proud of the success they achieved and the fact that they provided thousands of customers a guaranteed satisfaction.

Furthermore Unistone makes sure that when they supply their materials, that they are always matching the manufacturer’s expectations. Therefore in our case, up to now we have been very impressed with the quality standards that Unistone presented and they can be highly recommended. They show that not just the customers matter, but also other companies associating with Unistone and further sellers of their products. They want to be proud of their achievements and want to pass on a good reputation, which they manage to successfully do in our and the public’s opinion.

Their position on the market is very strong, as they provide some of the finest quartzs. If any of their colours appeal to you, then do not hesitate as Unistone products will always prove to be worthy the price.

logo quarella

Quarella are a company that have been on the European market for over 40 years. Since then they have been producing Marble and Quartz products that have widely appealed to the public.
In order to cut their slabs to size and make them compatible for further use they go through a pre-manufacturing process which includes: Selection and mixing of raw materials, vibro competing of the mixture, aging and sawing/cutting. This is all done in order to provide only the best quartz materials. In fact materials which can last a lot longer than normally, as quartz’s are known to last for years.
This is great in terms of purchasing them as it is not only an eco-friendly process but it helps you save up. It involves purchasing a material that will be of high and premium quality, and it will remain that way for years to come.

The Quarella quartz colours include some unique patterns and designs, for example from ‘Roman Black’ to ‘Bianco Saraiba’ and lighter ‘New Diamante’. This shows that there are literally colours for everyone, and ranges from light to dark, amongst other shades.

Marble on the other hand is a natural material, therefore the variety and ranges of colours are no longer as big, however marble is commonly known for being beautiful and always original in pattern, even if the same colours are considered. They will always have their own particular designs as they are shaped by nature. Marble is a softer material, therefore a great comparison to quartz, and is often used for wall cladding etc. Places where not much contact is made. They are definitely not as durable and resistant to scratching and impacts, however they do have one attribute which quartz does not possess, the originality and beautiful uniqueness of the slabs that can be used for literally any interior, or even exterior. They will also suit traditional and modern designs, it is all up to the customer to decide.

WHAT is Quartz?

Quartz are made from minimum 90% crushed stone mixed with acrylic resin and colour pigments. In some cases crushed mirror particles are added to give a sparkle effect.

Why people buy Quartz?

Little specialist care needed. Non-porous and easy to maintain. Durable and hard-wearing (rated 7 on the ‘Moh’s Hardness Scale’). Heat, scratch and stain resistant. Crystalline Quartz particles reflect the light giving aesthetic beauty and style.

Why people choose another surface?

Quartz worktops are heavy (30mm worktop weighs approx. 72kg per square metre) and can have similar transport/install access issues as Granite. Unobtrusive, but visible joints. Uniform colour/design cannot be guaranteed due to the natural stone element of the material – However, this can also be the attraction of the material as each worktop will be slightly individual!

Best use:

Ideal for kitchen worktops Quartz combines natural, durable quality with luxury and style. Quartz can be used in any area of the kitchen. Non-porous, hygienic and long lasting are perfect qualities around sink units and food preparation areas.

Best look:

Available in an extensive range of colours and designs, there is a Quartz to match every colour scheme. Choose from a standard high gloss finish or if you prefer a matt look check out our ZodiaqR Quartz Concrete Range. This type of the material to choose if you are looking for that ‘sparkle effect’ as some designs incorporate crushed mirror particles which catch the light and ‘sparkle’ as seen in many showrooms and high street retailers.

CARE & Maintenance:

Very low maintenance. Clean using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

SEALING Required?



Stain and scratch resistant. Although heat resistant to 250oC, we strongly recommend the use of pan rests/hob bars. Non-porous, hygienic surface rated 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale.

DESIGN Flexibility:

Quartz worktops can be cut into a number of different shapes and sizes, including curves and radius corners, using the latest in modern technology and is available in a finished thickness of 20-100mm. Like Granite, however, it cannot be moulded to form integrated sinks or coved upstands due to the high percentage of natural stone content.


The quartz used by our company is not only is supplied but also produced by worldwide known companies, thus including a minimum 10 year warranty. We only choose the most reliable suppliers of granite and quartz slabs, only with the best quality materials, that could truly last you for a lifetime. Our quartz and granite suppliers range from Levantina, Diresco, Technistone, Compac, Ingemar and many others.

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