Astoria Ivory – granite

The Astoria Ivory, also known as Crema Astoria is a very resistant granite stone material, which is imported from India. Its patterns are bizarre yet very unique. It is neither beige nor creamy, and often possesses dark brown, grey and black veins which clearly show that it is a natural product. At times it could be described to consist of a lighter base, though with darker patterns, textures and shades. It could be therefore closely compared to its sister colour Kashmir Gold. Therefore if you are currently considering creamy colours, pay close attention to both.

Just as majority of other highly resistant materials, it is available in both matted and polished surfaces. Do not forget that its great resistance makes it fantastic for normal worktops, as well as flooring. This is because scratching does not affect it and neither does staining.

Pay clear attention to its specific colouring, this makes it fantastic for everyday use, seen as dirt would not be noticed straight away. Furthermore its veins stand out, thus even if the granite would get stained, it wouldn’t be noticed straight away, or at least wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it would with plane white or plane black colours and shadings.

Due to it consisting many different and distinctive light and dark colours, it therefore suits any interior very well, and it could be considered a neutral colour. Therefore there is no need to worry where it should be placed and which interiors it wouldn’t suit.

The material is not only highly recommended for interiors, but also for exterior usage, seen as it is resistant to both freezing and very warm temperatures. It could also withstand rain, snow and hail. It is very durable thus it is fantastic for exterior cladding.

To conclude, it is perfect for flooring, worktops, splashbacks, and of course cladding!


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