Granite chopping boards – perfect harmony

Granite chopping boards

Granite properties and colours

Granite is widely recognized for its wonderful qualities such as durability, resistance to multiplicity of harmful factors and exquisite beauty. It’s these unique colours that very often draw attention. Snowflake whites, crimson reds and deepest blacks – it doesn’t really matter. They all give off the air of royalty and magnificence. As a result, granite worktops make your home interiors look royal and filled with timeless elegance. What’s more, granite worktops aren’t the only things you can furnish your home with. There’s plenty of granite smaller elements, which are equally stunning. Granite chopping boards are definitely worth your attention.

Granite worktops completed with granite chopping boards

stone chopping boardsIt’s interesting that not many people actually realize that granite can take so many forms. Some people simply think that granite applications end with worktops. It’s true that granite worktops are highly popular and pretty common, yet let’s not forget about other granite elements. Granite chopping boards can serve as great additions to granite worktops. They can be made of the same granite type as granite worktops and therefore they look as complete sets. What’s more, granite chopping boards can take many shapes and sizes. Generally, you can choose from squares, rectangles or circles – but you can also have your granite chopping board completely customised.

Granite chopping boards have the same qualities as granite worktops. Therefore, they are pretty durable and almost impossible to scratch. They can’t splinter or split – even if subjected to heavy impacts. What’s more, granite chopping boards are also fully resistant to bacteria and aren’t easy to stain. After all, granite is a non-porous rock, which makes it resistant to spills. Apart from all these practical aspects granite chopping boards are also beautiful and functional. They can just easily serve as stylish cheese boards or pizza stones. They are the perfect complements not only to granite worktops but to overall kitchen design.

Perfect harmony in your kitchen

If you’re dreaming of a perfect kitchen filled with harmony it’s best to combine your granite worktop with other granite element. Granite chopping boards are perfect completions, which make your kitchen even more stunning. Granite chopping boards are perfect gifts for foodies, who truly appreciate exquisite beauty that lies in granite chopping boards. What’s interesting, granite chopping boards are like small works of art – they can have various types of cut, polish and edges. They are made in such an artful way  that it’s not surprising their craft requires skill.

After all, let’s keep in mind that granite if not treated properly can be easily damaged. If cut goes too deep or the tension is placed in the wrong place there’s no way for granite to  remain in perfect condition. Processing smaller granite parts can be even more tricky here. Finally, granite chopping boards can take many sizes – their shaping requires a lot of practical skills, as well some dose of creative imagination.

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