Antique Brown granite

antique brown granite

The clue is in the name, the Antique Brown is a colour which has this vintage rusty look to it. Unlike any other pieces, this material is covered in patches of various colours, rather than having a sustained colouring with natural veins. This granite, native to Angola is something magnificent. It is beautiful in its… Read more »

Shivakashi granite

Shivakashi granite

Once again, every piece of Shivakashi is a true one-of-a-kind due to the uncommon dark on white vein system which appears on every piece of this material. This distinctive contrast is indeed very rare, and it suits the creamy colouring of the material perfectly. It is like dark rivers flowing through beige fields of corn,… Read more »

Giallo Veneziano granite

Giallo Veneziano granite

A sandy colour with various shades and patterns, darker and lighter, white and dark veins, all resembling a beautiful layout of ranging crystallised insignias. It’s a composition which is very uncommon, and therefore Veneziano is a rarity amongst the granite selection. Some argue that it resembles a mix between Kashmir Gold and Kashmir White, however… Read more »

Blue Pearl granite

Blue pearl granite

Blue Pearl granite is one of the colours which is very popular, and the demand for it on the British market is very high. It’s unique blue/grey shading and distinctive colouring in general is what makes this product special. Nothing like it is available on the market, it appears as if the natural compression crystallised… Read more »

Amadeus Granite

amadeus granite

There are certain materials that have such an impact that one look is not sufficient to take it all in. Amadeus Granite is the one these types of material. Mainly because the texture of the granite stretches over a large area, a little section of Amadeus Granite is not adequate to fully appreciate its actual… Read more »

Baltic Brown granite

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite,  grained granite carries a mainly brown color palette. It is made up of light brown spots of varing sizes with smaller brown and infrequently greenish spots spanning a black background. This uniform granite is additionally known as Baltic Rain and Bruno Baltico.

Uba tuba granite

Uba Tuba granite

Found naturally in Brazil, Uba Tuba Granite is quickly becoming the most requested granites for bath and kitchen granite worktops. It has a smooth, very easy to maintain surface. Uba Tuba Granite worktops are glossy, giving the owner which has a high quality professional appearance. Uba Tuba granite even offers an exceptional durability not found… Read more »

Is Acrylic surface good choice for my kitchen ?

Acrylic surfaces are very good looking and attractive surfaces. Acrylic is a hard plastic that can come in many different types of colours. Taurus is a very popular colour because it stands out from the normal colours. Taurus can come in many different sizes for example it can be made in to a size of… Read more »

Quartz – A cheaper alternative to granite

Quartz worktops as cheaper alternative. Granite is a natural material, formed from the volcanic rock over a period of millions of years. It can now be transformed into kitchen worktops, flooring or even wall cladding. However because it is a natural product, and due to its quality and uniqueness, granite may be very expensive. This… Read more »

Stone in interiors and exteriors

A stone product which is used within any interior, is a perfect element that joins every interior. It is a beautiful, key product that easily can be found in the entire house. For example, we can find the same colour of a stone in either floors, decorations, fireplaces, claddings, utilities, windowsills or worktops etc. This… Read more »