Roma Imperiale granite

Roma Imperiale granite

Roma Imperiale granite is a wonderfully beautiful and elegant colour of granite that stands out with rich tones of gold and chocolate brown against tones of dove grey, cream and white. This granite option oozes class and sophistication and is a perfect choice if you want to infuse some chic, modern elegance to your kitchen, with a nod to the beauty of ancient Roman marble statues and buildings.

The colour pattern has a nod to marble, which is itself a desirable option for countertops though it does not have all the benefits of granite. If, however, you want a stunning marbled look, this beautiful granite is truly a fantastic option to choose. The rich gold and brown veins ooze sophisticated elegance, standing out and brilliantly against the cool base tones. Because of the diversity of colour on this granite and the way the tones complement one another so effortlessly, Roma Imperiale looks amazing with both dark and light cabinets and will look particularly stunning with surroundings in similar tones.

Granite is a highly favoured option for kitchen countertops for a number of reasons, one being that it is highly durable. Granite is almost impossible to break and it is incredibly heat and water-resistant, meaning that it holds up wonderfully well against any kitchen accidents that may occur. Granite countertops are low-maintenance and easy to take care of, and these qualities in addition to its durability are particularly useful if you are a parent with young children or do a lot of cooking.

Whilst it is true that granite is one of the more expensive options for countertops, it’s enduring nature means that you will be getting better value for your money and you will not need to spend additional money on repairs such as warps or rotting, which are problems associated with options such as natural wood and laminates. Granite countertops are also a savvy investment if you could perhaps see yourself selling your home in the future, as they add value to the property and thus allow you to get a better price for it.

Roma Imperiale granite is a gorgeous option that evokes a feel of ancient Roman style, with a modern element added by the bright, warm golden and brown tones. This granite really is a brilliant choice if you want to add a touch of elegance and class to your kitchen space, and it’s beauty cannot be disputed. One thing is for sure, this is a fabulous choice that will help make your kitchen look stunning!

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