Shivakashi granite

Shivakashi granite

Once again, every piece of Shivakashi is a true one-of-a-kind due to the uncommon dark on white vein system which appears on every piece of this material. This distinctive contrast is indeed very rare, and it suits the creamy colouring of the material perfectly. It is like dark rivers flowing through beige fields of corn, or a herd of wild mustang horses openly free-roaming the West of America, and running through open fields of beige ground. Indeed Shivakashi is known to have many dots on its surface that cumulate to produce the beautiful dark veins.

At times it may contain shades of dark brown, at times white or light or dark beige. It all depends on the piece of slab and where it originated. Shivakashi is native to India, and considering the great mountainous regions of North India, there are various quarries which dig out this product.

It is a fine addition to every kitchen, or every bathroom. It’s fluent, smooth and tranquil natural design is a fantastic match for almost every kitchen. It is important to know that the light/creamy colours of granite suit plenty of various designs, either dark or bright, modern or traditional

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