Stone Offcuts – the best Decor material

granite off cuts

Let’s say you have ordered a granite worktop for your kitchen. The product you received is of the best possible quality, you have invested a lot of money in this extremely durable and immensely beautiful element of the interior décor (and a necessary one too, as you cannot imagine a kitchen without a worktop, right?). But did you ever wonder how your worktop was made and what is left after the manufacturing process is complete?

Making a marble or granite worktop is not easy and it demands a lot of skill and experience in stonemasonry and industry equipment use. When the experts from the worktop company finish their work, which involves cutting, grinding and polishing huge and heavy slabs of natural stone to fit the material of your choice in your kitchen, their workstations are full of offcuts which are then transported to the warehouse. Why, you may ask? Because marble and granite are very expensive materials and simply throwing the stone offcuts or using them for a simple construction work (for example as an element of a building’s foundation) would be a waste of the properties and looks of those resources. That is why stonemason companies store offcuts instead of getting rid of them – to give their clients yet another superb decorative material for a fraction of a pracie of a whole granite or marble slab of stone.

If you are satisfied with your worktop, you might be also interested in using a similar material for window sills, wall decorations or any other idea you have in mind. That’s where utilizing offcuts come in handy, as you may simply ask the company which prepared your worktop to create other elements of the interior design out of the leftovers of the same material! This way, you can create a wholly coherent space for a fair price – prices of marble and granite offcuts are very low (especially if you compare them to the price of a whole slab of stone used for a kitchen worktop), while the properties, durability and beauty stays the same. These characteristics make offcuts the best solution for cheap, yet wonderful home décor for every house – no matter what design you have chosen for your home, a stone decorative element will surely find its place in the interior.

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